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Who are we?

It all started in Barcelona, Spain


Who are we?

It all started in Barcelona, Spain

Five different countries

Five different educational journeys

Five professional experiences

United in ONE mission to educate 10 million children globally


Anne combines academic and professional expertise in marketing/communications, business, and philanthropy to drive progressive change at the nexus of education and economic development. Prior to Educuento, she started her own business spending 6 years crafting narrative and strategic communications for organizations and leaders in the world of social change.


A financial/education expert, Paola spent years consulting for large multinationals on social responsibility initiatives. For the past three years, she’s worked pro bono with Matter Fillius, a non-profit organization dedicated to safeguarding the lives and dignity of impoverished mothers and their children in the slums of Mexico City.


An environmental engineer by trade, Heron has spent the past decade running operations for an engineering & design firm focused on clean water. He is passionate about environmental issues, and their direct impact on social issues, which can be traced to his upbringing in India and seeing first-hand the deplorable conditions that afflict impoverished people in developing countries.


After years of working as a financial analyst for a major multinational, Annika has deep knowledge of corporate finance that she is eager to put to use serving the cause of education and social innovation in the developing world. She passed Level 1 of the CFA exam and wrote her thesis on comparative educational models in Europe.


Bermet has extensive experience in managing international development projects funded by USAID and OSCE, as well as voluntary experience in working with orphans and kids from unprivileged families. She has also founded a not-for-profit that specializes in improving education and healthy lifestyle in Kyrgyzstan.

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Thank You!

Mil Gracias to all our supporters

Thank You!

Mil Gracias to all our supporters


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